17 April, 2021

Selfie Sex On The WiFi

Couples are shooting themselves—not with bullets, but the phonecam. And sharing their moments of intimacy. It’s just another shock to the laws that police ­pleasure and sexuality.

Illustration by Sajith Kumar
Selfie Sex On The WiFi

The Jain household can’t seem to wait to retire for the night after a long day and a light dinner. The hallway door is locked, the curtains drawn, the dining table cleared. Mr Jain’s old parents have taken their medicines and withdrawn to their room already—they sleep early—and now it’s light out for their grandkids too. Mr and Mrs Jain, in their mid-40s, heave a sigh of fond relief, give each other a knowing smile and finally yield to the imperceptible force that seems to be impelling them to move in a pre-­ordained fashion.

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The bedroom waits, already cooled by the air-­conditioner. Finally, they have some time to call their own. Their own time and space…but also shared. Like those old boudoirs in Europe, from where scenes of an intimate and erotic...

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