13 April, 2021

Seize The Moment

Let people’s participation be a continuous process

Jitender Gupta
Seize The Moment

It is late Thursday afternoon, pregnant with possibilities, as I try and make sense which way the wind is blowing. Are we on the cusp of a violent storm or a cool breeze? I am neither brave nor foolish enough to make predictions.

No publication has supported or celebrated NGO power more than Outlook. Derisively, our critics call us the jholawala magazine. It is a jhola we wear proudly. Therefore, it pains me to see the divide and the acrimony in the NGO community. I am an admirer and friend of Arvind Kejriwal/Prashant Bhushan. I am also an admirer and friend of Aruna Roy/Nikhil Dey. These two groups bring great lustre and enormous respect to our civil society. Together and separately they have fought for the Lokpal bill with singular distinction. They stand on the verge of a grand victory. Victory for the people and victory against the much-hated system. To throw it away after all the hard work has been done would be a national tragedy.

Why can’t Aruna Roy and Prashant Bhushan sit across a table and hammer out a...

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