03 August, 2021

See You Sometime

When a one-night stand was a win-win situation

illustration by Sorit
See You Sometime

You know, it’s not really a man’s world anymore. In most things, that is. I can do pretty much as I please as a woman—perhaps even enjoy some advantages over the other gender. The one area, however, where we women are lagging behind is sex. Now, I know there are new-age men everywhere, men who like to ask about a bazillion questions before they lay a finger on you—“Does this feel good?” “How about that?” “Is this turning you on?”—until you’re really ready to go to sleep. But how comfortable does a woman—even if she is a powerful, 21st century creature—feel about being promiscuous? When words like ‘slut’ are bandied about freely, is it any wonder that I (and my sisters in “sin”) feel very much like we’re being guilt-tripped by society into feeling something for someone before we can sleep with them?

I discovered how very liberating this whole sex-without-emotion schtick can be about two years ago. He was sexy, and I had...

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