21 June, 2021

Season Of Bad Blood

The RSS' minority-baiting is a double-edged sword-coerce minorities and blackmail the BJP

Season Of Bad Blood

Their (Christians') activities are not merely irreligious, they are also anti-national.... So long as the Christians here indulge in such activities and consider themselves as agents of the international movement for the spread of Christianity, and refuse to offer their first loyalty to the land of their birth..., they will remain here as hostiles (sic) and will have to be treated as such.

- M.S. Golwalkar in Bunch of Thoughts

What was a piece of polemical indulgence on Sangh ideological honcho Golwalkar's part is the RSS' gospel today. When he had spelt it out, in an atmosphere thick with the Nehruvian gung-ho, his views were largely ignored. But when the fifth RSS chief, K.S. Sudarshan, expounded, at the 75th anniversary meet at Agra last fortnight, on the need for "swadeshikaran" (indigenisation) of the Church and "Indianisation of Islam" it, predictably enough, stirred a hornet's nest.

Sudarshan's suggestion to both Christians and Muslims to "Indianise" their respective faiths was roundly criticised. But it was not read with...

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