23 September, 2020

Seamy Business

The consumer is at the receiving end as grubby manufacturers pass off counterfeit fabrics as originals. In the bargain, popular and established brands see their goodwill fall by the wayside.

Seamy Business
Ever wondered why the Vimal or Gwalior brand trouser-length you bought from the local retailer turned shoddy immediately after the first wash? It happened to Lt Col Mohan Singh of Amritsar recently. A loyal Grasim Gwalior customer, he was dismayed when a favourite pair of trousers lost its shine only a month later. There were bobbles on the cloth, even the colour had faded. Feeling cheated, Singh dashed off a letter to Grasim Industries, which replied that he had bought a fake.

A fake trouser-length with Grasim woven on to the borders? Or Vimal? Even Raymond's, Siyaram and ocm? At the biggest counterfeit textile centre of India, the industrial town of Bhilwara in Rajasthan, you can name your brand and get it. More, you can even get away with it. As do the hundreds of manufacturers in the town, by producing suitlengths of dubious quality with famous brandnames woven on to the selvedges, the technical name for borders. This widespread counterfeiting goes on openly, causing great damage to the reputation of established textile companies and financial loss to the consumers, even as...



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