13 April, 2021

Scoot! Sherry Paaji Is In Da House

Ex-cricketer and neta Navjot Singh Sidhu is one man to be avoided—and not just for his inane Sidhuisms

Illustration by Sorit
Scoot! Sherry Paaji Is In Da House

A man who is heading nowhere is sure to reach his destination. Now this may not make much sense to most of us but it does, you bet, to Navjot Singh Sidhu. Besides his inane, inscrutable sentences and mixed metaphors, the man is known as a ‘sit-down’ comic character in comedy shows. Which isn’t an apt definition—for most of the time, the rest of us are left wondering what he’s doing on TV, laughing uproariously even as the audience uneasily looks around trying to figure out what the joke is (he and the other judges alone appear to have a clue to what’s going on).

Now I’d like to keep my distance from the mercurial MP from Amritsar, thank you. Not only because he stands acc­used of homicide—unintentional road rage, he claimed—a case which is still under trial. But also because, by his own admission, he had once thrown a cup of hot, steaming tea on a cricketer colleague because he was upset over something. He also boasts of having beaten up another cricketer, slapping him around in a hotel room. He’s been sacked...

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