15 June, 2021

School Of Sniperism

Pro-Modi, anti-Modi...the gun-sights swivel, the bullets fly in the BJP

Illustration by Sorit
School Of Sniperism

It is open season in the Bharatiya Janata Party. And most party leaders privately agree that there is more to come. The stakes are very high. With the Congress-led UPA-II down in the dumps, several BJP leaders fancy 2014 as the year of their tryst with destiny.

Since the prize is big, the catfights are not expected to end soon. It is a do-or-die battle for one of the world’s biggest jobs: leading the second most populous nation. However, one section of the party believes that once Narendra Modi, the ‘Hindu hriday samrat’, is formally declared the party’s prime ministerial candidate, all will fall in line. His authoritarian decisiveness will help the party’s survival instincts kick in and inject enthusiasm in the cadres—unless the wheels of justice grind him down in the riots cases.

The backlash to the phoney “reconciliation” in Mumbai on May 24 between party chief Gadkari and Modi, after Sanjay Joshi’s ouster from the party’s national executive, has now hit the streets...

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