14 May, 2021

Sausages In A Rosary

The Mapusa market has the best Goan spices and spirits

Saibal Das
Sausages In A Rosary
You don't just get Goa's famous feni and port wine here; you get the best home-distilled cashew and coconut feni and home-made currant, ginger and beetroot wine. You don't just get the best cashewnuts cheaper here than anywhere else in Goa; you get them in 10-kg tins at incredible wholesale rates. Here being Mapusa, home every Friday to Goa's biggest fresh produce bazaar.

Mapusa's very name means to fill (se) a measure (maap) in Konkani. People from all over the state come to the Friday bazaar to sell the most authentic ingredients that Goans use in their kitchens. The bazaar is said to date back almost five centuries. Mapusa grew around the temple of Kanakeshwar Baba, worshipped as Bodgeshwar or Bongini Baba. The Bodgeshwar Sansthan temple, just south of the market, continues to be thronged by devotees who, their prayers granted, return with traditional thanksgiving offerings of diyas, bananas and flowers. The Mapusa Friday bazaar...

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