02 March, 2021

Saurav's Faster 'Un

Senior players always need to be isolated when the captain himself is weak. Perhaps why Ganguly is backing Bhajji against Kumble for a team spot.

Saurav's Faster 'Un
Come on Nichols, eight minutes to make a decision was an absolute joke. Just looking at the umpiring that took place during the last India-West Indies Test makes me think that the umpires should go for a Test—an "eye test". There's just no way in the world Chanderpaul could not have been given out according to the present rules. Why they even bothered to refer the decision is beyond me. I wouldn't be surprised to see the frustrations of the players come out later on in the series. We have seen Tendulkar get a bad LBW decision; Lara got a shocker in the first Test and as an ardent spectator, I really felt cheated by not getting full value from these great players. The question I'm asking is: has anyone from the ICC called the umpires in and posed the question as to why they have made such blatant errors? It's not as if there were bat-pad decisions to be made with balls spinning out of the rough and men around the bat putting them under pressure. All this will eventually have an effect on the players and it could lead to a nasty situation later on.

Getting back to the game,...

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