07 May, 2021

Sarah Todd

The model-turned-chef on her first restaurant in India and her career in food

Sarah Todd

You were a model before you took up cooking as a career. Why the switch?

Modelling allowed me to explore different cuisines and cultures; and fuelled my passion for food. I love modelling, but a career in food is more fulfilling.

Why did you decide to participate in Masterchef?

I participated on a whim, not thinking that I would actually get in. The experience is like a rocket into the industry.

Did getting eliminated on Masterchef come as a dampener to the food dream?

Not at all, it ignited my food dream even more.

In Masterchef, you were known for your modern take on Indian food.

My cooking style is a slightly modern take. I love taking ingredients and techniques and making a dish my own.

Why Goa for your first restaurant?

Goa is a beautiful destination and the property where Antares sits reminds me of my home town in QLD in the Great Barrier Reef.

How is the food in Antares going to be different, since you...

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