24 July, 2021

Santa Fe Diary

The capital of New Mexico that should rank as the quaintest town anywhere

Photograph by Jitender Gupta
Santa Fe Diary
Adobe abode

Sante Fe, the capital of New Mexico, should rank as the quaintest town anywhere. It is ind­eed a centre of art and culture and is filled with art galleries, museums and nothing else. All buildings here, including the central plaza, have a brown rounded mud finish called adobe (you know where Adobe got its name from). According to town planning rules established long ago, only adobe houses are permitted in the city. The architecture here is a mixture of  Pueblo, other American-Indian and Mexican styles. The numerous galleries here sell local artefacts, pottery and paintings. The prices are a bit ooh-aah: even small curios like keychains and such trinkets are about $25.

The sheer quaintness forces you into the galleries and from the innards, hidden behind all the trinkets and paintings, you can hear the welcoming ‘Hello’, mostly from a lady sitting behind a computer. One of the many hundred gallerists there told me that...

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