14 June, 2021

Sanjeev Kapoor

The chef on his 24x7 food channel Foodfood

Sanjeev Kapoor

So, Foodfood is India’s first food channel?

A 24x7 food channel is something I’ve believed in for a few years now and we found the partner in Astro. Food is at the core of India and an offering with food is the need of the hour.

With lifestyle channels already focusing on food, how will you negotiate viewership?

Today is the age of specialities. Even restaurants offering speciality cuisines are preferred.

Tell us about the channel.

Foodfood is a 360-degree brand which will have food content delivered on TV, mobile and internet. It’ll have everything to do with food—cooking, learning, entertainment and lifestyle.

How far do you think India has come in terms of the food industry?

Really far and India is ready for something like this. In fact, I would say we’re a little late. Indians think food all the time and today they are in touch with other countries as consumers. Food is way beyond just cooking and...

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