19 June, 2021

Sanjay Khan

The film star makes an appearance at the Tihar Jail to participate in its cultural week

Sanjay Khan
What brings you to Tihar Jail?
I was invited by the authorities. They wrote to me explaining their plans for a cultural week for the inmates.

Is this a one-time effort or are there any long-term plans to work with the inmates?
I do a lot of humanitarian work. I enjoy it. But I must admit this is a new experience for me.

What was the response?
Even if they get a moment's happiness by seeing me, I will be satisfied. These people are unfortunate victims of circumstances.

How does having a cultural week help?
It's a soothing touch for them. They get the feeling they're not completely neglected, that the authorities are concerned. This is like a healing touch for them.

Do you have similar projects lined up for other cities/jails?
I'm seriously concerned about the fact that over 65 per cent of the Tihar inmates are innocent. I would like to make further enquiries about this. If I can help save even one innocent man, it will give me great satisfaction.

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