03 March, 2021

Sania Mirza

I’ve learnt that RAW is drawing up a counter-offensive (Operation Pyaar-War) in which Indian cricketers will marry beautiful Pakistani women

Illustration by Sorit
Sania Mirza

You could well say it was love at first serve. In January, after Pakistan lost the third Test at Hobart to Australia, I went to console Shoaib. He had taken it quite philosophically, saying victory and defeat were all part of the game. I knew exactly what he meant since I too had just crashed out of the Hobart Open. To cut a long story short, one thing led to the other and then he threw me a cricket ball and asked me to serve and he returned using a cricket bat. Instantly we discovered that we had chanced upon a new game—‘Tencrick’. We also realised that we were made for each other. “We’ve married the two games. Now let’s tie the knot,” Shoaib later called to say (transcripts of this conversation were handed over by the Australian authorities to the IB, which submitted a report on the ties worn by Shoaib to the home ministry!). That aside, I accepted his proposal and later we went for a meal at the Smolt Restaurant off Salamanca Square...only to discover that they served neither biriyani nor paav bhaji....

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