26 July, 2021

Sallu Boti, Anyone?

Bollywood’s Bhai returns with a new look and a masala punch

Sallu Boti, Anyone?

This weekend he is set to swagger on to the big screen in a never-before-sported moustache, khaki uniform and kitschy glares, swinging his hips, wooing his woman, bashing up the goons and saying with a touch of desi James Bond: “Hum yahan ke Robinhood hain, Robinhood Pandey”. Catcalls and wolf-whistles are expected by the millions to greet the crazy cop Chulbul Pandey and Bollywood, in turn, is hoping to celebrate its best Id ever, all thanks to the man who puts on the role, the enigmatic bad boy, Salman Khan.

The anticipation for Dabangg has been unprecedented. Of course, there’s the media overkill which accompanies every other film these days. However, beyond the usual sound and fury has been the tangible delirium of the Salman “Bhai” fans when the first trailer unspooled in theatres. The catchy item number Munni badnaam hui has been blaring from every other auto and taxi and the cheesy dialogues from the film have been by-hearted by the masses weeks before its release....

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