07 May, 2021

Salinger Sneaks Back

The legendary and enigmatic J.D. Salinger, author of the cult 'Catcher In The Rye', is publishing a book after 34 years. An Indian caught the low-key event on the Internet and broke the news.

Salinger Sneaks Back

"Some comment in advance, as plain and bare as I can make it: My name, first, is Buddy Glass, and for a great many years of my life— very possibly all forty-six— I have felt myself installed, elaborately wired, and occasionally, plugged in, for the purpose of shedding some light on the short, reticulate life and times of my late, eldest brother, Seymour Glass, who died, committed suicide, opted to discontinue living, back in 1948, when he was thirty-one."

THUS begins Hapworth 16, 1924, Jerome David Salinger's last published story that appeared in The New Yorker on June 19, 1965, and is about to become the mysterious and reclusive author's first book in 34 years. On October 18, 1996, while idly browsing through amazon.com, an online bookstore on the Internet, the following words from the catalogue of books on sale suddenly flashed before my eyes:

Hapworth 16, 1924, by J. D. Salinger, Hardcover, Price information not available. Published by O rchises Press....

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