20 October, 2020

Salaaming The Clan

An Australian retains the halo along with the history of Mewar

Salaaming The Clan
In 1984, the 75th head of the Sisodia clan registered 'Maharana' as a legally constituted name, in perpetuity, for formal use by the head of the Mewar family. And well he might, for this 1,500-year-old dynasty that originated in 734 AD is the oldest in the world's history. In India, no royal family can lay claim to the same honour, for the Sisodia bloodline is said to be the sirmour or head ornament among them, its honour unsullied, its head unbent.

But no family with a history as old as that of Mewar can be without its blemishes, and in the Sisodia code of chivalry, there has been enough scope for the whole pantheon-murders, fratricide and assassinations, scandals, vices and extravagances. History has recorded but passed lightly over them since the chronicles were often part of bardic lore. While enough is known of the more contemporaneous deeds of Sangha, Kumbha and Pratap, and of Padmini, Pannadai and Mirabai, Ian Austin's book provides a quick recap of the genesis and family tree with enough embellishments to qualify him as a bard-of-honour.




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