12 May, 2021

Saffron's Fading Flavour

The man's hot, the party's not. Infighting, even for its internal polls, is destroying the BJP's claim of being different.

Saffron's Fading Flavour

Atal Behari Vajpayee may be well ensconced but what about the BJP? It is now obvious that the man is leading a government which looks increasingly secure, in a manner in which even his most trenchant critics cannot help but concede is "nursing back to good health the authority and prestige of the office of the prime minister". Yet, as politicians and edit-writers alike point out, his party - the BJP - remains untouched by this refurbishment. On the contrary, its problems seem to be multiplying. To add to its list of electoral woes - from that dismal failure to dislodge the Rabri-Laloo administration from Bihar in February to the more recent loss of the prestigious Soron assembly seat in Uttar Pradesh and the poor performance in the West Bengal civic polls - is the intense wrangling and infighting during the party's ongoing organisational polls, the lobbying for the post of party president and the irritability of its cadre, especially at the state level, with the BJP's nda partners.

The BJP may put up a brave face but leaders tasked with revamping the party...

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