27 January, 2021

Saddam's Bunker: It Can Withstand A Nuclear Bomb

Saddam's Bunker: It Can Withstand A Nuclear Bomb
American bunker-buster bombs cannot destroy Saddam Hussein’s bunker built under his presidential palace in Baghdad. It can withstand the shockwave of a nuclear bomb the size of the one dropped over Hiroshima, detonating 250 yards away.

  • Location: Presidential Palace, Baghdad

  • Area: 2,150 sq yards

  • Planner: Karl Essar (German security consultant)

  • Cost: £96 million in the 1980s

  • Vital features: Water recycling unit, air filter, electricity generator

1. Lift shaft  2. Living quarters 3. Dressing room 4. Bathroom 5. Main bedroom 6. Hallway 7. Bedroom 8. Bathroom
9. Bathroom 10. Playroom 11. Bathroom 12. Staff quarters 13. Command centre 14. Storage space 15. Bathroom...



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