25 June, 2021


The music composer duo Sachin Sanghvi and Jigar Saraiya on their cover for Animal Planet’s Yeh Mera India, and living the lyrical life.


Why did you compose for Yeh Mera India?

It is our responsibility to sensitise youth, ens­ure preservation of our natural habitat.

It must be different, composing keeping in mind animals.

We showcased wilderness through both music and dance. In the video we have different animals matching their steps with dances from different regions of the country.

Any difficulties?

None, really.

There is a lack of wildlife sensitisation in society.

True, but awareness is inc­reasing. We believe communicating through music will help get everyone’s attention.

Tell us a few lines of the song, ones you like best.

Our favourite would be: “Toh sochta hai kya, aa chal main dikha doon, aa party karneke tarike main sikha doon, come party like an animal”.

There are very few “jungle” songs in India.

Yes, probably this is why we had taken up the project.


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