14 May, 2021

'SAARC Future In Question'

Anger turns to worry in Bangladesh as Manmohan cancels tour Updates

'SAARC Future In Question'
Like a beautiful, ageing lady getting ready to party, Dhaka had been animatedly sprucing itself up for the SAARC summit. Flowers had been planted, the city had been lit up as during Id, and portraits of seven South Asian leaders gazed benignly at denizens driving from the Zia International Airport. A carnival mood was expected to overtake the Bangladeshis. And then, quite suddenly, came the news: Indian prime minister Manmohan Singh wasn't to visit Dhaka, that the summit stood postponed because the SAARC charter requires the presence of all seven leaders.

Anger, dismay swept through the city. Disappointed security personnel promptly returned to their barracks, leaving behind a fuming army of workers who had been powdering Dhaka's face. "Yes, I'm feeling terrible. The summit should've taken place. We had put in much hard work," remarked a worker. The image of big, bad India roiled emotions in the streets. Trucker Mohd Alam in Tejgaon, Dhaka, said testily, "India is killing our people on the border, and now when we were so eagerly waiting for the summit...you know it is like a...

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