20 October, 2020

Rudra Bharati: There's A Need To Shape Different Politics Within The Mainstream

There’s much rage around. The point, though, is to shape a different politics within the mainstream, not outside it.

Rudra Bharati: There's A Need To Shape Different Politics Within The Mainstream

There is unease in our social environment. Disagreements slip into disquiet. Surely, new India is going to be a very angry and disagreeable social order. If one follows social media, the anger and irritation are palpable. Drawing room discussions too, if not consisting of strictly like-minded persons, have the potential to break the party. Matters political obviously generate the heat, but questions of food and fashion too easily become political. Taste is no more a personal matter or, to wit, everything personal has finally acquired a political tone. And once something assumes a political tinge, we fret and fume, abuse and arrogate, shout and scream. Beyond the realm of small-group discussions, once we step into the public arena, it is strewn with threats and litigations. You are either threatened (and included in the hit list or blacklist), or someone simply starts filing FIRs against you across the length and breadth of the country. Criminal defamation is today’s buzzword, just as hurting sentiments or causing disharmony between communities are pet grounds for engaging...



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