19 April, 2021

RTI Diary

Right from its first battle to access land rights in Sohangarh, the idea of RTI has been growing, writes Aruna Roy

RTI Diary
A Less Abstract Ideal

Around the marketplace of Chang Gate in Beawar, Rajasthan, are memorials to Gandhi, Ambedkar and Swami Kumaranand, founder of the Communist movement in Rajasthan—and on a stone slab of black granite is a tribute to the Right to Information movement. In a country quick to glorify and iconise individual leaders—quick to reduce the average citizen into awed inaction in front of larger-than-life idols—it’s not often that collectives, issues and principles are given visual space. Maybe they are by definition more abstract. And it’s in speaking of everyday, concrete things that the RTI broke that glass ceiling.

Til Patti to RTI

The memorial was put up “by the municipality of Beawar” in 2016—all of two decades after the historic 40-day dharna that marked the launch of the RTI movement in India. One of the speakers that day said Beawar is known as the “til patti...

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