29 July, 2021

"RSS is just like Aurangzeb"

Akal Takht's Jathedar Joginder Singh Vedanti sees the rss campaign to appropriate Sikh symbols as a "danger not only to the Sikhs but to the unity and integrity of the entire nation". Soon after asking the rss to desist from its campaign, the jatheda

"RSS is just like Aurangzeb"
What are your main points of disagreement with the RSS?
The RSS says that Sikhs are keshdhari (long-haired) Hindus. They say Sikhs are not separate (from Hindus) but they are actually their reformed version. We, on the other hand, claim that Sikhs are a separate qaum (community). Our tradition is different from that of the Hindus; our principles are different; our dress is different; our mourning rituals and style of celebration are different. We've a separate dharamgranth (holy book), which we consider as guru. Every individual has the freedom to follow his religion. But to write and speak against other religions is dangerous to the unity and integrity of the entire nation. It hurts when somebody sows the seeds of hatred between Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists and Jains. We don't approve of it.

What will be your next step?
Our intellectuals will make the younger generation aware of its history, tradition and the principles of gurubani.

But there are so many Sikhs in the RSS front Rashtriya Sikh Sangat?
I ask the RSS why don't...

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