16 May, 2021

Romancing The Dragon

Forget Tiananmen, Tibet and nukes. And the critics at home. For Clinton, China is big money.

Romancing The Dragon

The US Administration is so intent on sending the "right message" to China that it even agreed to President Bill Clinton being formally received at the infamous Tiananmen Square upon his arrival in Beijing on June 25. The enraged human rights lobby cried foul, saying a welcoming ceremony at a site where hundreds of student demonstrators were killed nine years ago would be an insult to the memory of that sacrifice.

But Clinton's Tiananmen stopover should hardly come as a surprise, because he has been consistently and blatantly following an appeasement policy vis-a-vis China. Several reasons are cited for the Clinton-China love affair, the main being economic. Clinton's detractors say his "leniency" towards China stems from the fear that Beijing would otherwise clamp down on American interests in its booming home market.

With South Asian economies in peril, China also needs American money and technology, and yet it is Beijing which is calling the shots in this relationship. Even experts admit that the Clinton Administration has...

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