03 December, 2020

Roger Federer

I take the family along wherever I go. They create the proper environment for my game.

Illustration by Saahil
Roger Federer

Is this retirement, I can’t believe it! Five, 10 years back by October/November every year, I was playing like crazy to be the world No 1. Now 2014-end is approaching, and 35-year-old ‘Granddad’ Federer is doing the same. Lots of work to be done in the next two months. Nadal is out of the race, he is having his appendix removed. Feel sorry for him but that is one rival less for the No. 1 spot. Andy Murray is way down the list, Scotland is not going to be independent and that is going to keep him down further. That leaves me with just one major rival, tall, lanky, well-stubbled Novak Djokovic. And some rival that man could be. He looks lean and hungry like Cassius in Julius Caesar but his presence as a challenger for the vital No. 1 spot disturbs me.

Though my Swiss villa is heavily guarded, I am puzzled and upset when some of the guards reported seeing a young, tall and lean fellow snooping around. He is like the French Scarlet Pimpernel, visible one moment, then invisible. Who is this phantom guy, what does he want from me, money, trophies,...



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