15 June, 2021

River Of Books For A Dry Land

He's translating books and publishing them at cheap rates just to revive that old habit

River Of Books For A Dry Land
His mission is to offer literature from across the world at rock-bottom prices. The octogenarian Mahendra Meghani, son of renowned Gujarati litterateur Jhaverchand Meghani, has made thousands read literature and buy books. His Lok Milap Trust has been providing quality literature to Gujaratis at incredibly low prices. "Gujaratis have a reputation as reluctant readers. I’ve proved this to be a myth by making available quality literature at their doorstep at very affordable prices," says Meghani.

The first collected volume combining the works of Gujarati, Indian and foreign writers, called Ardhi Sadini Vaachan Yatra (A 50-Year Journey of Reading), netted a sale of 50,000 copies in the first year of its publication in 2003. The growing demand egged on the Lok Milap Trust to come out with the second volume, which too sold some 20,000 copies in a few months. The third volume is now in print. "Our plan is to publish five volumes containing some 1,000 works of 500 writers," he says.

The USP of these volumes is the price. Meghani says ordinarily one such volume...

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