24 July, 2021

Ritu Kumar

On her feelings at being ranked the number one designer in India by the Outlook jury

Ritu Kumar
How does it feel to top Outlook's list of fashion designers in India?
It's a humbling experience. It made me wonder if I've done enough to deserve this assessment.

What were the highlights of the list?
The criteria are the key I guess, and the jury seems to have made an assessment based on the parameters given. It took in a wide range of design expertise including textile design, the handloom and craft sector-based fashion.

How would the Indian fashion world benefit from such a list?
It gives a directory of Indian designers from different disciplines and will be useful to the growing retail trade in the country.

Were there any flaws in the list?
It is difficult to encompass the whole gamut of fashion design in our country in one article.

Whom would you credit your success to?
Our vast reservoir of textile and crafts. I learnt much from the craftsmen.

Can you name a few designers who are carrying on with your design philosophy?
For most, textile crafts philosophy is...

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