02 December, 2020

Rio De Janeiro Diary

"How falling in love in Rio compares to falling in love with Rio?"

Rio De Janeiro Diary
Inexplicável Amor do Rio

I once asked a dear friend—a Carioca (the demonym for natives of Rio)—how falling in love in Rio compares to falling in love with Rio, the latter being so very common an outcome that I myself could never explain it. Maybe the two processes are similar, I reali­sed from her inability to cite the reasons that made her love one or another during her lifetime here. Doesn’t matter if it’s a person or a place, you can alw­ays list motives without ever quite grasping why you feel love. My amor do Rio is inexplicable, yet comprehensible to anyone who’s had the good fortune to set foot here.

Nested among white beaches, blue waters and jungle-cove­red mountains, Rio is also home to samba, bossa nova, imperial palaces, museums and culture—a microcosm of Brazilian life. In every corner, at every glance, there are small revelati­ons of the melting-pot that...



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