23 July, 2021

Rings Of Saturn

It was the season passion found fulfilment, yet for the man in charge the warm afterglow soon turned cold

Rings Of Saturn

JUNE 25, 1983. It's a Saturday afternoon in India, and the planetary positions betray nothing unusual. By evening, as India's meagre armoury is spent against the demon quartet of Roberts, Garner, Marshall and Holding in distant Lord's, everyone has given up their residual belief in magic, miracles and similar other-worldly things. Even DD plays to form—courtesy Mrs G, it's bringing the BBC pictures late to a waiting nation. India's proud enough to be a wildcard finalist, and now, half-way through the match, everything has an air of formality about it.

For, 183 in 60 overs is no challenge for the power-drunk Windies. Greenidge falls to the nastiest in-cutter B.S. Sandhu has bowled in his career, but that only brings in Viv Richards. A whirlwind 33 sees the King at his imperious best, all scorn for India's military medium attack. Then, it happens...he pull-drives Madan Lal, skying the ball towards the midwicket boundary. What follows has ceased to be a simple statistic. It wasn't just a cherry that Kapil latched on to, it was—for millions—a chance to grasp the...

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