21 October, 2020

Rewriting Life's Holy Grail

Technology is not just about helping us. In the near future, it can redeem, or even remake us.

Rewriting Life's Holy Grail
For a while there during the giddy late 1990s, everyone became a technology fundamentalist. It was a time of relative peace and prosperity, and if we thanked anything for our good fortune, it was the crush of new technologies then coming to market, with the Internet at the top of the list. The tale is now well known. Sophisticates in business and politics shucked off all prevailing notions of economy and society in favour of a can’t-lose tech theology, and some suggested, quite seriously, that the Internet would make the world nobler, healthier, fairer, smarter... generally better in every way. At first, such expectations sparked a huge boom, and people lived well. But of course, the party didn’t last—and when it ended, in a snap, at the turn of the millennium, technology quickly fell from our favour. The idea that tech could redeem and remake us, rather than simply help us, seemed newly quaint.

It’s no doubt a good thing that we’ve lost that gaping reverence for technology. Even the most ardent evangelics of a reshaped, tech-based future will now tell you, in...


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