23 June, 2021

Revenge For Hansie...

The Indians will only be as good as their bowlers allow them to be. It is going to be hot in this kitchen. Let's wait and see if the Indians can stand the heat.

Pradeep Mandhani
Revenge For Hansie...
Saurav Ganguly has finally come to a point in his career when he will no longer be able to talk a good game and not perform. His captaincy, in the recent past, has been questionable, to say

the least, and the fact that his batting talents cannot be relied on in times of crisis has not helped the Indian cause. When playing at home, Ganguly is in command of many issues and is on comfortable territory with the ball bouncing just nicely for him to drive. In South Africa, however, he will be targeted by Donald, Pollock, Ngam, Kallis and Ntini like never before—and it will test his inner soul to the very core. They will hunt him like a pack at every opportunity and either it will make him or send him back home in disgrace.

South Africa have just completed a series against Zimbabwe in which they completely destroyed the opposition. Now, when you consider that India only managed to draw with Zimbabwe and lost to Sri Lanka, the odds of giving the Proteans a scare seems too far-fetched. The key players for India will undoubtedly be Sachin Tendulkar and Rahul Dravid, both...

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