14 May, 2021

Return To Serendip?

Now it's all about how honourable the compromise is for Tamils More Coverage

Return To Serendip?
It isn't any longer considered a pariah, and it has won encomiums worldwide for coming to the negotiating table. But the real test for the LTTE begins only now: can it convince Tamilians about its decision to accept a federal form of governance, instead of its avowed goal of a separate homeland, a dream for which 17,000 Tamilians sacrificed their lives, another 43,000 were killed and the country's economy was completely shattered?

Some would call it verbal jugglery, others would describe it as political pragmatism. But it was amply clear at the end of the third round of peace talks between the Lankan government and the LTTE that the Tigers had relinquished their cherished dream of Tamil Eelam (homeland), never mind the sophistry evident in the use of phrases such as "internal self-determination". The statement the Norwegian government issued in Oslo, where the latest round of peace talks concluded early this month, bears this out. It said the "parties have decided to explore a political solution founded on internal self-determination based on a federal structure within a...

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