06 December, 2020

Return To Pataliputra

Saddled with poverty, illiteracy and the country's lowest per capita income, is there no hope for Bihar? Sheela Reddy asks diverse experts with one thing in common—a homebase in Bihar—to provide a blueprint for transforming their state.

Return To Pataliputra
Anwarul Hoda, Member, Planning Commission
"Infrastructure can be built only after Bihar restores order within. Recently, not a single bid was received for a big road project."

The first step is to bring orderliness, it is the bedrock for any development in the state. This can only be done by the top political leadership. Kidnappings have to stop, and for that you need a strong administration from the top. Only five or six gangs are terrorising the state, the administrative machinery seems to have crumbled.

Two, build infrastructure—roads and power projects. But this will only happen after Bihar sets its house in order. Recently, for instance, not a single bid was received for the construction of a national highways project road in north Bihar. The contractors were so terrorised.

Three, start reviving industrial areas. The state has seen a frenzied flight of industry over the decades. Even the sugar industry has migrated to west Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu. ...



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