01 August, 2021

Vijay Mallya May Not Be Returning To India Anytime Soon

A UK court rules that Vijay Mallya may be extradited

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Vijay Mallya leaving Westminster Magistrates’ Court, Dec 10
Photograph by PTI
Vijay Mallya May Not Be Returning To India Anytime Soon

A court in London ruled on Dec­ember 10 that Vijay Mallya can be extradited to face charges in India. How­ever, it may be a while before he actually lands in India to face trial for wilful default of a Rs 9,000-crore loan and allied charges. The court sent Mallya’s file to the UK Home Office, which will dec­ide if the extradition will take place. The process is expected to take around eight weeks, during which time both Mallya and the Indian government could make representations. “It is possible that Mallya will press for political asylum in the UK at this time. That is currently the first way out. He will have to move while the magistrate’s order is being studied by the UK Home Office,” a top official involved in the case tells Outlook.

The second way out is that Mallya’s lawyers can appeal to the High Court of Justice in England, and during that time, the extradition order will be stayed. The hearing could be done by August or September 2019. Any subsequent appeal by Mallya or the Indian government to the UK Supreme...

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