13 April, 2021

Rent-An-Imam Policy

Is the BJP so naive as to assume that its current wordsmithery will woo the Muslims?

Sandeep Adhwaryu
Rent-An-Imam Policy
Who will the Muslims vote for? From past experience, we know two things. First, the Muslim votebank is not monolithic, as they don't vote en bloc. Second, when it's election time, all our political parties shamelessly woo them. The Congress did this for five decades and over a period of time lost the support of the Muslims and earned the wrath of the Hindus. Riding on this wave of anger, the BJP damned the Congress for its "appeasement policy" toward the minorities. And yet, today the BJP is guilty of the exact same sin it accused its rival of all these years. Given its earlier vilification of "pseudo-secularism", the BJP's naked appeasement of Muslims in the run-up to this election is galling and hypocritical. If the BJP propaganda is to be believed, the Congress "appeased" Muslims in the past, while the BJP is only "reaching out" to them. What the Congress did in the past was political sin, but what the BJP is doing now is political virtue. The Congress was being cynical, but the BJP is being statesmanlike. Semantics cannot bury the truth and the truth is that the BJP is following...

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