12 April, 2021

Remove The Weeds, Till The Soil

Wait another five years to implement the reservation policies

R. Prasad
Remove The Weeds, Till The Soil
The government's decision to leave the final word on the manner of implementation of seat reservation in educational institutions to the 13-member Oversight Committee headed by Veerappa Moilly completes the removal of this issue from the purview of the ministry of human resources development and its maverick minister Arjun Singh. But it remains far from certain that the committee will be able to resist the pressures of populist politics and frame guidelines for its implementation in a way that prevents a dilution of standards, enhances the country's capacity for growth and competition, genuinely empowers the Dalits and backward classes and generates synergy between people belonging to different castes and classes.

These pressures emanate not from the people at large but from politicians claiming to act in their name. They have defeated the purpose of reservation from the very beginning. The Constitution had provided reservation for Dalits and adivasis for only 15 years because this was the time the founding fathers felt the government needed...

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