05 August, 2021

Remember The Road Taken

There is a new surge in the blood-soaked period we call Partition. A new novel plays to stereotypes, but captures the confused terror and panic well.

Remember The Road Taken

With the 70th anniversary of Partition close by, people are beginning to remember once again the bloody birth pangs of India and Pakistan as they struggled to spring apart to two different destinies. Seventy years on, the umbilical cord which once bound them together continues to prise them apart. The tra­uma that accompanied it is a forgotten history, buried with the phantom mother about whom only mild nostalgia remains. Because, 50 per cent of today’s population is barely three decades old—and fed on a singular diet of the heroism of the freedom struggle. There has been a peculiar and enforced silence about the events leading to the Partition, and the imp­act it had on ordinary lives. Was it guilt? Was it forgetfulness? Was it del­iberate erasing of a violent past? Perhaps all three questions can be answ­ered by a resounding ‘yes’.

Fortunately, a wave of new interest and curiosity in the Partition is for­cing us to look back at the events of 1947—and we can only wonder whe­ther more had been at stake. Along with the...

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