20 October, 2020

Refining The Great Game

The Taliban’s troubles increase as it takes on the Afghan warlords and concerned neighbours

Refining The Great Game

NON-recognition of their government, widespread international condemnation of their rigid policies on human rights and women’s issues, and a formidable military challenge posed by former defence minister Ahmad Shah Masood and warlord Rashid Dostum—the Taliban Islamic movement’s travails only seem to be increasing.

Not a single country, not even Pakistan which is a great supporter of the Taliban, has yet formally recognised their government. Islamabad has delayed recognition of the new government until some other states do so. In desperation, the Taliban sent a delegation to Saudi Arabia. The delegation also held talks with officials of the Organisation of Islamic Conference and the pan-Islamic body, Motamar Al-Alam-i-Islami, to win much-needed support.

The widespread criticism of the Taliban’s policies has only made them more rigid in their approach. They haven’t relented on allowing women to resume their jobs in government and other workplaces in Taliban-held areas. The only exception are women doctors...



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