20 January, 2021

Red Rain, Pink Blotches

Development is key. Ideological wars or not, the Party needs a makeover.

illustration by Sorit
Red Rain, Pink Blotches
The iconic struggle between Kerala CM V.S. Achuthanandan and powerful party secretary Pinarayi Vijayan could be the beginning of a revamp of the CPI(M) in this southern state. Its direction, extent and shape are unpredictable. But a major shake-up seems in the offing. Whatever form it takes, it'll be good news for Kerala. For, the CPI(M) is certainly the most entrenched political party of Kerala and Malayalis are foredoomed to being ruled by it every five years or so. Rule by the CPI(M) and its allies is no joy, it is a grim prospect. Take the current ministry headed by Achuthanandan. Its Quixotic antics and goof-ups are good fodder for the media but fatal for a sinking society like Kerala. Even the few ministers and officials who try to perform are lost in the free-for-all. One must hasten to add that the Congress is hardly better when in power. Only, it doesn't go for the jugular of the people so often.

The implications of the present combat goes deeper than the personal ambitions of the players. In all probability, it could lead to the...


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