14 May, 2021

Red Rain And Pouring Doubts

The state's season of freak geological cases continues: after collapsing wells, it's now red rains

Red Rain And Pouring Doubts
On July 25, residents of Morkulangara, a crowded locality in Changanassery in central Kerala, were startled out of their sleep in the small hours by what sounded like a clap of thunder. At daybreak, they stepped out in the pattering rain to lug the buckets and vessels left overnight to collect rainwater for domestic use—overnight repairs on a broken pipeline had cut off water supply to the area.

But what they saw in the buckets stunned them—a dark red liquid glowed dully in the dawn light. "I thought the cows had come during the night and urinated into the buckets," laughs Kuttappan, 77, an std booth operator. Like most residents, he emptied the buckets of their "foul" content and refilled them with clear rainwater.

Intrigued, a few residents preserved the water they had collected and displayed it to Centre for Earth Science Studies (CESS) scientists who converged on the area later in the day. Samples were taken to labs in Thiruvananthapuram for analysis. They revisited on July 29 to get eyewitness accounts. Dr S. Sampath, the investigating scientist, narrates...

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