03 August, 2021

Red Blobs On The Rainbow

Rising attacks have suddenly made well-assimilated Indians in the US acutely aware of their foreignness

Services on at a gurudwara in Renton, Washington for Deep Rai, a Sikh
Photograph by AP
Red Blobs On The Rainbow

Immigrant Blues

  • Three Indian-origin men in the United States were shot down between February 22 and March 2
  • The attacks come in the wake of the presidential election of Donald Trump, whose poll campaign targeted minorities
  • Top administration is tardy in response, but calls for concern have emerged from other official quarters
  • Indians are among the most well-to-do ethnic minorities in the US
  • Yet the community is fragmented along regional lines, especially in places like the Silicon Valley


When Swathi Narayanan made the move from Chennai to Cali­fornia in the summer of 2013, deep waters and sunny weather were not the only reasons why she felt very much at home. The Bay Area, home to the Silicon Valley, the hub of the US info­tech industry, hosts a large Indian community. Moreover, Swathi found it very easy to make friends among her American neighbours. Six months later, she shifted to Austin, Texas, where she...

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