29 October, 2020

Recognise Your Parenting Style

There are as many different ways of raising children as there are children. Take this test and find out what your parenting style is. How do you react when...

Recognise Your Parenting Style
1. Your child refuses to eat your mother’s kheer? You...

(a) Let your child go and play.
(b) Make him eat the kheer.
(c) Talk to your child and remind him of the house rule—two bites.

2. You're doing your grocery shopping and your child screams that she wants chocolate and ice cream. You...

(a) Buy her one chocolate and one ice cream.
(b) Grab your child and leave the market.
(c) Say "no" and continue with your groceries.

3. Your child is upset and throws himself on the floor and screams, also called a temper tantrum. You...

(a) Give your child what he wants; you don't want to hear him cry.
(b) Get upset and you yell at him to calm down.
(c) Let him have his "fit" without any fuss. Once calm, you give the same answer that got him all upset in the first place.

4. Your child wants to play with toys that you're not comfortable with. You...

(a) Buy him the toys.
(b) Forbid the toys.
(c) Talk to your child and find a toy you both are comfortable...



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