26 July, 2021

Reclaiming A Paradise

Reclaiming A Paradise

THE unthinkable has happened and Mussoorie is agog with disbelief. The luxury resort hotels of the black-tainted builders, constructed Shamelessly without any official sanction, are now being targeted by the government demolition squads. It seems the judiciary has at last forced the morally dyslectic administration out of its self-aggrandising turpitude. For six years I have applied in vain for access to the maps of these wreckers of Mussoorie's environment. Now I am allowed to see them within minutes. As suspected, my neighbour's huge hotel is totally without sanction or provision for hygiene. Not a single tree has been planted and full-grown trees on his land are being cemented in to kill them slowly.The banditry of Mussoorie's big builders is matched only by the avarice of the officials. But whereas the locals are elated by the decision to demolish illegal structures, I am depressed. These crooks who have divested our natural green hillsides and conspired against the people of Mussoorie should be awarded the punishment devised by Tipu Sultan. They should be made to plant trees...

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