02 August, 2021

Recent History Of Afghanistan

An overview of the turbulent times...

Recent History Of Afghanistan
  • 1973 Mohammed Daoud assumes the Presidency of Afghanistan after a military coup, abolishes the monarchy. King Zahir Shah sent into exile. br>
  • 1974-1978 Opposition to Daoud increases among a range of Islamic and Communist factions. br>
  • Apr 1978 Daoud assassinated and replaced by a junta led by Nur Mohammed Taraki/Hafizullah Amin.
  • Dec 1979 Soviet troops invade Afghanistan, instal friendly government
  • 1980-1989 Armed mujahideen groups fight Soviet and government forces; hundreds of thousands of Afghans die in the struggle, millions become refugees.
  • 1986 President Mohammed Najibullah takes office
  • 1988 Geneva Accords signed, outlining a plan for the withdrawal of Soviet troops
  • Feb 1989 Soviet troops withdraw from Afghanistan
  • Feb 1989-Apr 1992 Increased conflict between government and opposition forces
  • Apr 1992 President Najibullah is replaced by a four-member council under a UN plan
  • Late Apr 1992 An interim government led by Professor Sibghatollah Mojadidi takes power
  • Jun 1992 An interim...
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