13 April, 2021

Reasons For Speaking

Leave no page unturned, no essay or sentence unread. Each word wounds, each story hurts, each incident of molestation and rape angers.

Reasons For Speaking
Few voices out of India speak with such compassion, power, clarity and dignity for women's rights as Urvashi Butalia and Kali for Women, the publishing house of which she is co-editor and trustee. But few in Kali's long list of remarkable books over these years strike the emotional, logical and inner chords in us as does this collection of "women's voices from Kashmir".

Women and children bear the brunt of violence and instability in Kashmir and elsewhere in the world. As a reporter who covered the Kashmir conflagration in its first decade, and earlier Punjab's tragedy, as someone who knows the North East and its sorrows in some detail reasonably and has travelled and written extensively in Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Pakistan, this document is especially touching and powerful. For in these places as in Kashmir, the unheard --  although perhaps, nowadays, women's concerns are taken more seriously and they are much more visible as images of grief and hurt on television and in print -- voices of women need to be presented, broadcast and rebroadcast time and...

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