22 September, 2020

Reading The Book Of Life

The rough draft of the human genome prepared by scientists is the Rosetta Stone of life. It will change the way we do science and will open new vistas in modern medicine and revolutionise treatment

Reading The Book Of Life

The world knew it was coming, that the Book of Life was being decoded at a hectic pace in laboratories across the world. Yet, on June 26, when Bill Clinton and Tony Blair addressed a trans-Atlantic press conference to announce that the Human Genome Project, an international government-funded project, and Celera Genomics, a private US company, have both produced a "working draft" of the 3.1 billion chemical "letters" that contain the entire biological secrets of human life, humanity was stunned. The breakthrough promises startling new medicines and cures for currently fatal diseases (Clinton said that this genetic listing has, at one stroke, added 25 years to the life expectancy of Blair's newborn son Leo.) But it also brings mankind face to face with the sort of future Aldous Huxley predicted in Brave New World: a world peopled with castes created through genetic manipulation, from the ruling Alphas to the slave Epsilons. A cure for cancer and Alzheimer's disease may now be a matter of time but ultimately, this knowledge can also give the power to some...



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