30 July, 2021

Raw & The Cooked

It's an acquired taste, but the Far East is the new drool of the rich foodie. Sushi, sashimi, here we go.

Tribhuvan Tiwari
Raw & The Cooked

Snapping apart her chopsticks, swirling a spot of wasabi (spicy horse radish) into a tiny bowl of soya, Divya Desai gently dips a slice of totally raw and cold tuna (maguro sashimi) into the wasabi sauce and drops it into her mouth. Eyes closed, after an almost imperceptible chew, she savours the slow slide of naked fish down her gullet. Only after she lifts her lids does this homemaker admit in the privacy of her corner-table at Wasabi, Mumbai's speciality Japanese restaurant: "My craving for sashimi is inexplicable. Though I've been eating it almost every other day for the past year, I just can't get enough of it."

Notorious for its unpredictability, gourmet gravity just shifted once again. Little bites are becoming big business. Call it the rise of oriental minimalism, diminutive dining, or just another food fad, but sashimi and sushi, bonsai bites of raw fish and rice from Japan, along with dim sum, the dainty steamed dumplings from China, are captivating adventurous deep-pocketed eaters. Small food is suddenly the new pan-Asian delectation. Echoing this change,...

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