05 August, 2021

RAW, Analyse This

Gen Singh's book is a timely reminder that RAW's structural rot needs looking into

RAW, Analyse This
There appears to be a controversy brewing over V.K. Singh's book on India's external intelligence agency, RAW. What is being missed in the debate is not so much the issue of whether any sensitive or classified information has been revealed, for if that has been done, then the general must be hauled over the coals. But there is the larger issue here of accountability which cannot be ignored.

This is underscored by recent events wherein a definite bias against Indian intelligence and counter-intelligence agencies—in terms of investigative capabilities and ability to deal with increasingly sophisticated terrorist threats—appears to be emerging. Western intelligence and counter-terrorist agencies don't seem to be fully cooperating.

The prime minister's lament on the first anniversary of the Mumbai train blasts certainly alluded to this when he remarked "we will do whatever is possible to bring the guilty to book". Such a remark from the prime minister, coming after a full year's investigation, does seem to confirm that greater...

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