17 April, 2021

Ramdev: The Baba Of Big Bucks | By Sadhguru

Combining commercial success with simplicity, Baba Ramdev is a class apart, writes Sadhguru.

Photograph by Jitender Gupta
Ramdev: The Baba Of Big Bucks | By Sadhguru

As India turns 71 next week, Outlook zeroed in on 21 individuals who have made a lasting impression on this country – for both good and bad – so far in the 21 st century. And we got 21 equally important personalities to write on the 21 individuals we chose.

In this column, spiritual guru Sadhguru writes on Baba Ramdev. "For young people of India, Baba Ramdev is a reminder that modern educational qualifications are not the only necessary prerequisites of success," says Sadhguru.

He has courted his share of controversies and has his legions of dedicated detractors. Some insist he is regressive, others that he is populist. Most, however, are left incredulously wondering exactly how Baba Ramdev has managed to endure, formidable odds notwithstanding. Few would dispute that he is an original. In his ability to combine yogic expertise with entrepreneurship, commercial success with simplicity, an irrepressible and earthy common sense with an indomitable capacity to survive, he is exceptional. Difficult to slot, difficult to ignore, he inspires...

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